When animals have to travel, our experience 10 years is the best reason for choosing our services.

Our professional team of experienced personnel can take responsibility for planning an entire journey, offering our customers a “door to door” service.
We can advise pet owners in advance on matters such as any official permits which may be required, e.g. the provision of health certificates through to checks under the CITES guidelines (Washington Convention for the Protection of Endangered Species), and also offer guidance on the best type of transport box for your pet.

On the day of departure, animal passengers will be collected from their home and brought safely and comfortably to our live animal facilities at Frankfurt, Munich or XY in our specialist, air-conditioned vehicles. Here too, our animal passengers will be continuously monitored and looked after, so they are as quiet and relaxed as possible at the start of their journey. Our long-standing and mutually trustful collaboration with officials and vets helps to facilitate travel arrangements for our passengers and also minimizes waiting times.


As industry “pioneers”, we have acquired invaluable know-how and a wealth of experience gained through 50 years of successful trading. Thanks to the considerable number of employees who have worked with us for many years, this pool of knowledge continues to grow and offer substantial practical advantages to our customers and animal travellers.


Mission Statement

“Whether conveyed by car or by plane, the animal is always our focus, and securing a transport which is appropriate to the needs of our guests is our top priority. We guarantee this by using specialist, air-conditioned vehicles, and by providing transport boxes approved by the International Association of Airlines (IATA). Our “animal” flight passengers could not be safer, or more comfortable, as they travel to their destination. The health and well-being of the animal is ALWAYS the focus of our actions. “
Kay Wissenbach & Faruk Berberovic, Managing Directors of AIRANIMALLOGISTICS