Cat transport

At Airanimallogistics, the characterful puss and the self-conscious velvet paws are equally welcome as regular travelling guests.

If a cat owner embarks on a long journey, or even moves abroad, there must also be an optimum travel plan put in place for his four-legged friend, alongside the best possible care arrangements before, during, and after the flight.

In general, cats are easy to accommodate as airline passengers. If all the flight paperwork is in order and the cat is healthy, then owners can look forward to a relaxing journey.

The following points are particularly important as regards planning:

  • The current state of yourcat’s health– it’s essential to let our animal transportation experts at Gradlyn Pet shipping have all the necessary documents and relevant details in good time, especially where issues of species protection and conservation are involved. The transport of domestic cats must meet not only the usual official requirements, such as a properly completed European pet passport,certain cat specieswill need additional paperwork. For example, a species protection certificate, known as a Cites certificate, may also be compulsory. Where there are such species protection issues or other regulatory requirements, please let our animal transportation experts at Gradlyn Pet shipping have full details in good time.
  • The selection of a suitable and sufficiently spacioustransport boxfor your cat. It is particularly important your cat is able to stand upright in the box and does not feel cramped. Some cat owners may wish to use a transport box previously used to carry their pet as a tiny kitten. Here, Gradlyn’s experienced animal transport specialists will be on hand to advise whether the proposed box really complies with the latest IATA Live Animal Regulations covering the transport of cats via commercial airlines, and thus can be relied upon to keep your adorable pussycat safe in transit. This will avoid unnecessary waiting times and additional stress, because if a box is not the correct size, then the animal may be grounded and refused permission to fly.

Where a cat owner has to fly on ahead, our experienced travel guide will still be there to take excellent care of his feline passenger.