Dog Trainers and Breeders

Dog trainers and breeders who compete internationally must be ready to deliver a top performance – we can support them by providing the best possible travel conditions.

Dog trainers and breeders share the same problem: How best to get their valuable dogs to their new owners, or to an international competition, in stress-free condition? Our animal transport experts have decades of experience in the air and road transport of sporting dogs and breeding animals.

Our trained staff with foreign-language skills (English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Filipino, Pakistani, Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian and Turkish) can guarantee you perfectly coordinated travel plans to almost any destination in the world.

Frankfurt am Main (FRA), one of the world’s most important airport hubs, is the ideal departure- or destination airport for almost all flight routes, thus enabling the best possible travel planning with minimum entry, transfer or waiting times for both animal and owner.

Our pick-up & delivery services takes care of the transfer from your home town to the airport, and gives professional breeders and animal trainers the perfect start for a pleasant and relaxed trip.

Breeders and professionals count on our experience

Our transport of breeding animals often includes dogs from other European countries. And here, professional and reliable transport arrangements are essential for dog breeders and have important implications for the successful establishment and expansion of international business relations. These animals should not be delayed by transport arrangements, which must be kept as brief as possible.
The same applies to our transport services for the U.S. ARMY. Their well-trained animals are extremely valuable and undergo lengthy and difficult training. Though these dogs have many different skills, they are all experts in their field.

Giving these animals a relaxing travel experience is therefore an important objective for our travel guides. Among other measures, dog health certificates are collected from the breeders in advance, so that journeys can be carried out quickly and without involving the dogs in additional time-consuming checks. Thanks to our support, and its own professionalism and experience, the live animal facility at Frankfurt International Airport has set new standards. Even in the final hours before departure, dogs can run free under skilled supervision and are not forced to wait in their box.

In this sense, we aim to give them a “good flight”!