Transport of Zoo Animals

Our successful collaboration with zoos, animal parks and zoological gardens plays an important role in the successful conservation of endangered animal species.

The demands of transporting zoo animals are just as varied as the range of species involved. For example, birds must be kept in quarantine for a time to avoid the risk of spreading bird flu. However, if all health certificates are in order and the travelling animals are free from wounds or contagious diseases, there is nothing to prevent a transport from taking place – even from continent to continent if necessary.

To be successful, the professional transport of zoo animals transport requires vast personal experience and a close collaboration between all parties involved. For Sandra Wedel, head of the GRADLYN’s Zoo Department, her long-established connections with members of the umbrella organizations WAZA and AZA, to which many zoos, aquariums and animal parks are affiliated, are particularly important.

In addition, good working relationships between zoos, animal parks and aquariums are essential to organize and maintain the exchange of exotic animals in the interests of species conservation. The professionals at GRADLYN Pet shipping who carry out the transport of zoo animals are a vital link which allows these important exchanges to take place.

From monkeys to rhinoceros, we successfully transport many different animal species around the world every year. Whether the cargo is a lion or a polar bear, our goal is always to make the transport as smooth, fast and stress-free as we can manage.

Our special transport boxes are custom-made for each occasion and play an important role in the process. This is the only way to ensure the greatest possible safety for the animal and those entrusted with the loading procedure. That’s why we use a transport box weighing 560 kilograms to transport a lion, even though the lion itself weighs just 130 kilograms.

And for each commission, our experienced zoo animal transport team at Airanimallogistics will be ready to cope with all aspects of the planning and implementation of the zoo animal transportation in collaboration with the responsible contact persons at the respective zoo, animal park or zoological garden.